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This is your opportunity to own a real Internet business.
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Don't be fooled... by cheap submission business websites that force you use software to submit your clients to the search engines. Our system if fully automated, and runs completely from your members browsers. What does this mean to you? This means that all you need to do is promote the site and the system does the rest automatically. 

You can now partner with us and operate your own premium search engine submission optimization system (with over 20 Powerful Tools) . This service is for those entrepreneurs  that would like the opportunity to operate a high powered website offering the Internets most powerful commercial grade submission resources to the greater Internet Community.

We are looking for those entrepreneurs, website owners, marketers and the like who will be dedicated to promoting their new submission service! The average...yes average partner using our system is making $15,000.00 per month, after only 6 months of promoting their new service! We will do everything we can to help you succeed as well.

The following is a screenshot of a partners CURRENT earnings for June 2005

Remember this is a subscription based service as such, it is residual income

 (meaning every month you get paid by your members)!



This opportunity is great for hosting companies who want to offer a value added service to their customers. 

The following are some of the tools that are available to your members !

We are dedicated to giving you the most powerful submission system on the Net. You will not find more features, more engines to submit to or a more easy-to-use system. Check out the  features below that you will be able to offer your members !

  • Completely Automated! Set up your task 1 time and the system will resubmit your site for you on the most effective submission schedule to get your website indexed!
  • The largest and most up-to-date submission database on the Net! We update our engines 3 times per month, so your site is ALWAYS being submitted properly
  • No Software to Download or Learn! We are 100% Net based, meaning you never have to download any software and that it is guaranteed to work for any Operating System. Whether you use Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix or any other O/S, as long as you can access the Net YOU CAN USE the website
  • Save Time and Increase Traffic! It takes an average of 3-5 minutes to add your domain to a new task. Once you've added it, the system does all the rest! Set up your submission schedule and NEVER have to worry about resubmitting your site again
  • You control your submissions! You can add, edit, remove or add a new domain to submit at any time. You can also view reports and see exactly where you were submitted to and then verify that all in one easy step! Don't take someone else's word that you were submitted... KNOW you were!!
  • No Autoresponder Spam! We will eliminate ALL SPAM from ever reaching your email box! Of course, if you want to view them you can as well, but we've made it SUPER EASY to divert all spam!
  • Spider your entire domain! Our system will add each and every page from your website with 1 click! You can then choose to submit any of the pages it finds. Choose 1 or choose's up to you!
  • Emailed Reports! Once your submission has completed, we will email your report to whomever you choose. The report will give detailed information on who you submitted to, when it was submitted and whether it was a successful submission or not.
  • Cost Effective! You only pay for what you submit! For under $0.75cents per day you can drive traffic to your site!
  • Completely Automated! Our Scheduler will let YOU determine how often your site is submitted. We offer guidelines on resubmissions, but we allow YOU to determine what's best for your site! Set up your task 1 time and NEVER worry about resubmitting your site again. Remember, Consistent submissions to the engines is the most recommended way to get a better listing!
  • Automated Doorway Pages Generator!
  • Meta Tag Generator
  • Ranking and Reporting
  • Keyword Analyzer
  • Popularity Checker!

  Members Area 

Members Area - After they join , you members will have instant to access to their members area to start promoting their website! We have created a user friendly system so that you can use all of our features and be promoting their websites in minutes. the website programmers have implemented easy-to-use wizards which walk users through setting up their task and to begin submitting!

  Engine Selection 

Engine Selection- the website submits your site to over 1,000,000 search engines, directories, link pages, classifieds and more! This includes ALL of the major Engines like Google, MSN, HotBot, Lycos, Northernlight and Dmoz Sites!!

You will simply select the category of engines that you would like to advertise your site on, continue to the next page of the wizard and your site is either submitted in real-time or you can schedule it to be submitted at a later date.

  Submitter Controls 

Submitter Controls - Don't let site errors drive visitors away. Find and fix problems with our "HTML Validator". It's not only important to have a search engine friendly web pages, but it's crucial that your pages are there to be found and can be read by the engines' spider.

  Keyword generator 

Keyword Generator - Our Keyword generator is designed to query the world search engine databases for the most used keyword queries used by web surfers! This tools allows you to get the Top keywords and phrases from the major search engines at the click of a button. You can then use these keywords to create both meta tags and doorway pages to maximize traffic to your website! If you don't have good keywords, you won't get traffic!

  Doorway pages generator 

Doorway page generator - In today's internet marketplace, submitting your site is simply not enough. To be successful online, you need to be able to access tools that will give your web site the extra edge that is required.

Doorway pages are Search engine designed pages created with "keywords" which are relative to the content on your site. These pages are designed to outperform any traditional web page. The doorway page generator is just one of the marketing tools you'll be able to utilize with your subscription. Generate 50 at a time and upload them to your web site from your members area or download them to your local PC.

  Search Engine Ranking 

Search Engine Ranking - Find out how your pages are doing in the search engines! This highly sophisticated tool will search the world engines via a keyword or phase finding out just how and where your pages are ranked

  Popularity Checker 

Popularity Checker - Many factors can affect the search results returned by search engines. A major factor in search engine ranking is "link popularity", that is, other web sites with links pointing to your site. A web site with a larger amount of sites linking to it would score a higher relevance ranking than one with fewer links. The numbers generated by our Popularity Checker will provide you with a detailed analysis of exactly where you rank among the web's top search engines. Plus, informative "Know-how" and the tools required to bring your site to the top!

  More Tools 
Meta Tag Generator - Instantly creates properly formatted tags ready to be inserted into your web pages.

Advanced Domain Spider - No more need to fill out forms adding URL after URL! Just enter your web site address and our "domain Spider," at the click of a button, will be unleashed on your site extracting all web pages found and adding them to a list of URL's for you to select from.

Keyword Density Analyzer- The Keyword Density Analyzer reads your web pages, similar to search engines, and will show you exactly what the engines will find when analyzing your pages. It will then return with a keyword count of what words will get the highest index listing.

Link Relevancy Checker NEW !
Find out in one click why pages rank the way they do. This tool presents this data in four different tables where, usually in a matter of seconds, you can see for yourself why pages rank the way they do. Want to be ranked #1 on the search engines for your targeted keyword? Then simply run the Link Relevancy Checker on the Website that is currently ranked #1 for that keyword - then make sure your site is at least one link better!



" I have seen out there."

"I have offered search engine submission services for a number of years to my clients. The worst part was having to cut and paste all the customer information from my forms into the submission software. With your system, it's fully automated and I can now spend my time promoting my business rather than managing it."

Webmaster (site withheld)



Complete administration of your members: 

Below are some screen shots of the admin area

Easily look up members 

Email your members !


Easily keep track of all your sales !


Build In Affiliate System !

Many additional admin features included:

Built in auto responder, coupon codes, web statistics, change website settings, track total submissions, change user details, and much much more......

Our Full Partnership includes:

  1. Complete hosting of the system for you (NO HOSTING FEES), which relieves you of the responsibility of the maintenance, bandwidth, and hosting costs. This also ensures your members receive the high speed uninterrupted service that they have grown accustomed to.
    Your submission service will be listed under YOUR domain name.
    Example: (domain name not included !)

    Our name is NEVER displayed in ANY location on the system! This is YOUR business with our backing!! 100% automated!!
  2. Full custom branding of your Premium submission system to ensure congruency with your existing Website. You can choose from one of our templates, or design your own site, or use your current website design to integrate the service into your current business
  3. YOU COLLECT ALL PAYMENTS - Our system is designed to seamlessly integrate into your own merchant account system. such as,, Linkpoint,  Skipjack, PRI, Paysystems, concord, and many others including Paypal.

  1. You will have full access to the administrative control panel so that you control all aspects of the systems operation.
  2. All search engine database are 100% free for you. We do all the behind the scenes work and provide database updates 3 times per month, so your users always have the highest submission rates
  3. We will provide you complete technical support. You can choose to have us work directly with you or directly with your clients. If you want to be in complete control of your site, you would simply send us your client's tech questions, we would answer YOU directly and then you can forward that answer on to your client. We will NEVER contact your clients EVER, unless you give us express written consent to do so.
  4. All features of the system is yours! Automatic Search Engine Submitter, Link Popularity Checker, Search Engine Ranking, Keyword Density Analyzer, Keyword Generator, Top Keywords, Link Checker, and the Doorway Page Generator, and much much more!

The benefits to your business are as follows:
  1. Your business will benefit through unlimited exposure of your existing products and services to an ever-growing membership of Webmasters.
  2. Add an additional lucrative income stream. As administrator, you maintain the built in resources page on your Premium Submission Website, and it is up to to decide what products and services you advertise in this heavy traffic area of your partner Website.

As administrator of your own Premium Submission System, it becomes your Website and your business. You can benefit from multiple income streams from the successful operation of your Premium submission system, firstly through membership of those users that join your paid membership, and secondly through the advertising revenues that this program creates.


NOTE: As the administrator of your own Premium submission system you will receive 70% of the total revenue generated by your site this includes revenue generated by memberships.

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We are only selling 25 (5) left so act now!!

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